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Suppose I have a JSF bean with @PostConstruct method. I would like to know which entity referenced the current bean and caused its initialization.

public void init() { Who initialized me? ...);
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This information is not available in the JSF context. If you're using Mojarra, you'd need to run the debugger and put a breakpoint on ManagedBeanBuilder#bake() method.

Or if you need this information during runtime for some unobvious reason, then you'd need to let the caller set itself in the setter of the @ManagedProperty referencing the bean.

public class Parent {

    private Child child;

    public void setChild(Child child) {
        this.child = child;

    // ...

then you can gather this information in the setParent() method.

public void setParent(Object parent) { + " has initialized me");
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