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Is there any way to for a user to choose the alert sound or ring tone upon receiving a push notification from my app, or do all possible sounds needs to be packaged with the app bundle and be determined from the push server?

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For push notifications as well as for local notification Apple writes so:

Sound The name of a sound file in the application bundle. The sound in this file is played as an alert. If the sound file doesn’t exist or default is specified as the value, the default alert sound is played. The audio must be in one of the audio data formats that are compatible with system sounds; see “Preparing Custom Alert Sounds” for details.

Based on this I would say yes, the sound file has to be in your application's bundle and you can't send it dynamically. Source:

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Thanks, this is what I suspected. You would hope Apple would come up with a way in a near future iOS release to let users define their own sounds per app. – Brett Mar 15 '12 at 16:15
I doubt so, they are too paranoiac about the royalty of ringing tones and about importing external binary data (sounds files) to your application... create a nice portfolio of music that the user can choose from and embed it in the application bundle if it is important for your business. – MrTJ Mar 15 '12 at 17:00

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