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From a data frame, is there a easy way to simultaneously aggregate (i.e. sum) multiple variables simultaneously?

Below is some sample data.

date = seq(as.Date("2000-01-01"),length=days,by="day")
year = year(date)
month = month(date)
x1 = cumsum(rnorm(days,0.05)) 
x2 = cumsum(rnorm(days,0.05))
df1 = data.frame(date, year, month, x1, x2)

I would like to simultaneously aggregate the x1 and x2 variables from the df2 data frame by year and month. The following code aggregates the x1 variable, but is it possible to simultaneously also aggregate the x2 variable?

### aggregate variables by year month
df2=aggregate(x1~year+month, data=df1, sum, na.rm=TRUE)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Where is this year() function from?

You could also use the reshape2 package for this task:

df_melt <- melt(df1, id = c("date", "year", "month"))
dcast(df_melt, year + month ~ variable, sum)
#  year month         x1           x2
1  2000     1  -80.83405 -224.9540159
2  2000     2 -223.76331 -288.2418017
3  2000     3 -188.83930 -481.5601913
4  2000     4 -197.47797 -473.7137420
5  2000     5 -259.07928 -372.4563522
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Using the data.table package, which is fast (useful for larger datasets)


dt1 <- data.table(df1)
setkey(dt1, year, month) 
df2 <- dt1[, list(x1=sum(x1), x2=sum(x2)), by=list(year, month)]
df2 <- data.frame(df2)

Using the plyr package

df2 <- ddply(df1, c("year", "month"), function(x) colSums(x[c("x1", "x2")]))

Using summarize() from the Hmisc package (column headings are messy in my example though)

# need to detach plyr because plyr and Hmisc both have a summarize()
df2 <- with(df1, summarize( cbind(x1, x2), by=llist(year, month), FUN=colSums))
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Yes, use cbind in your formula:

aggregate(cbind(x1, x2)~year+month, data=df1, sum, na.rm=TRUE)
   year month         x1          x2
1  2000     1   7.862002   -7.469298
2  2001     1 276.758209  474.384252
3  2000     2  13.122369 -128.122613
23 2000    12  63.436507  449.794454
24 2001    12 999.472226  922.726589

This is documented in the examples for ?aggregate

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