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This question shows how to get properties of parent views.

Is there a way to achieve the same with general Ember.Objects. For example how does the child access properties of App.Parent:

App.Parent = Ember.Object.extend({
  parentProperty: 'someValue',

  child: App.Child.create()  


App.Child = Ember.Object.extend({
   init: function(){
     // I don't know which is my parent object
     // but I still want to access the value of `parentProperty`
     // var parentProperty = ???

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I put together a jsfiddle demonstrating how to update a child object with a "parent" property. The basic idea is check for the presence of a child on creation of the parent, and watch in case the child changes.


Hopefully, it will help. Comment here is you have any questions.

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Can you pass the parent in when you create the child?

App.Parent = Ember.Object.extend({
  parentProperty: 'someValue',

  child: App.Child.create({ parent: App.Parent })  
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Can't always do this, especially if the parent is an instance in an array. – knownasilya Jul 2 '14 at 20:16

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