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I have two processes, one 32-bits, another 64-bits and I need to duplicate some handles that are used by the other process.

In x64, HANDLE size is enough to hold the 32-bit handle but when I call DuplicateHandle in the x86 process targetting the x64 one, does the o.s. ensures that the resulting handle will fit in 32-bit HANDLE type?

Regards, Mauro.

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Windows will manage it, its stated in the docs for the call;

DuplicateHandle can be used to duplicate a handle between a 32-bit process and a 64-bit process. The resulting handle is appropriately sized to work in the target process

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Yes but doubt is the following: I have a 32-bit handle and the target process is 64-bit. I want to believe that the duplicated handle I obtain in the x86 DuplicateHandle call (targetting 64-bit process) fits the 32-bit HANDLE type. – Mauro H. Leggieri Mar 15 '12 at 17:29
It works either way – Alex K. Mar 15 '12 at 17:30

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