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I have a table with the following columns


every row belongs to a parent. every row has a weight that determines its order on the parent page. Every time a new row is added I want the weight of that new row to be equal to the largest weight for that parent id +1.

Is there a way to do it within the insert query?

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Try this, i'm not sure it will work as i don't have a sql server on hand. But i beleve i have done something like this before.

INSERT INTO table (id, parent_id, title, description, weight) 
VALUES (2,1,'title', 'description', 1+(SELECT MAX(weight) FROM table))

Replace table with your table name and the values with the ones you need, ofcourse.

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This should works

INSERT INTO myTable (id,parent_id,title,description,weight)
VALUES (idValue,parentValue,idValue,titleValue,descriptionValue,
        (SELECT MAX(weight) FROM myTable WHERE parent = parentValue))
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if parent_id=1 and id=111

INSERT INTO table (id, parent_id, title, description, weight) 
VALUES (111,1,'title', 'description', (SELECT MAX(weight) FROM table WHERE parent_id=1) + 1)
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