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I am deploying a Django app on Heroku, and using the Sendgrid addon to send out validation email when a user registers on the site.

I followed the instructions here and pasted the following into settings.py:

EMAIL_HOST = 'smtp.sendgrid.net'
EMAIL_HOST_USER = 'sendgrid_username'
EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD = 'sendgrid_password'

However, my app is crashing after registration.

What exactly am I supposed to put for EMAIL_HOST_USER and EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD?

Under the developer's tab in the sendgrid addon in heroku, it gives me the username app*******@heroku.com, and for password it just says "Your Password". Is the password my Heroku password?

Also, do I need to include DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL in my settings.py file? And where do I tell Sendgrid what it is?

EDIT: I've set DEBUG = True, and it looks like the error is:


(550, 'Cannot receive from specified address <info@myapp.com>: Unauthenticated senders not allowed', 'info@myapp.com')

it looks like the problem is happening before Sendgrid does its thing. Do I need to authenticate the email address with Heroku somehow?

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Within your settings.py include:

import os
EMAIL_HOST= 'smtp.sendgrid.net'

Edit: changed EMAIL_PASSWORD to EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD as that's the correct spelling.

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I've made the changes, but still getting the error. I set debug = true, and the error is SMTPSenderRefused, saying it cannot receive from specified address <info@myapp.com>: Unauthenticated sender not allowed. Where would one authenticate email in Heroku? –  WarAndPiece Mar 15 '12 at 21:30
Ok, actually this is the answer, but it should be "EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD" and not "EMAIL_PASSWORD" –  WarAndPiece Mar 17 '12 at 6:55
thanks for snippet working perfectly –  soField Mar 30 '12 at 17:32

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