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I'm looking for a jQuery Tool Tip plugin/solution that will accept HTML list items.

The Tool Tip needs to be pulled from (ideally) the footer.

The way I see it working is the ToolTip content is hidden (via CSS). When the a link is hovered over the ToolTip (with HTML list) is shown.

Anyone recommend how to do this, or where I can find a good tutorial?


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 .toolTip { display:none; width:yourChoice; height:yourChoice; position:absolute; top:-forabove +forbelow; left:-toTheLeft +toTheRight;  }
 .thingWithaTip { display: block; position: relative; width/height :your choice, etc.. } 

//psuedo jqeury
      function () { show the .toolTip },
      function () { hide the .toolTip });

This is a basic example but it conveys the approach you need to take. Good luck!

<tag class="thingWithATip" >
Some text you want them to hover over
<tag class="toolTip" >
     <li>list item</li>

Its important to note that this same approach can work if you have LI peers as the tip - it will of course require you to configure the logic to find said peer, but that can be done via next() and prev()

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I didn't use this exact plugin but modeled mine off of jTip.

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