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How to dynamically change the image of a toolbarbutton with javascript?

I try this :

<toolbarbutton id=""  oncommand="this.style.listStyleImage= 'url(green-chrono.png)';alert('boom');" label="Menu-button" type="menu-button" style="list-style-image: url(chrono.png);">
        <menupopup id="edit-popup1">
            <menuitem id="toto" label="Accéder à la pointeuse"/>
            <menuitem id="recap" label="Accéder au récapitulatif des heures"/>

But it doesn't work, when I click on the button, the picture disappears.

images and xul file are in the same directory.

Thanks for your help

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Basically you code works for me but you have added 2 images for one command. Please check this link developer.mozilla.org/en/Creating_toolbar_buttons –  linguini Mar 15 '12 at 17:49

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In general the approach is correct but you are using a relative URL. Relative URLs are resolved relative to the stylesheet - so if chrome://myextension/skin/style.css uses the relative URL green-chrono.png the browser will load chrome://myextension/skin/green-chrono.png. In the case that you have here there is no external stylesheet however meaning that the URL will be resolved relative to the XUL document. I guess that this XUL code is located in the browser window - meaning that the URL chrome://browser/content/green-chrono.png is loaded and it doesn't exist of course. The solution: specify the absolute URL instead of a relative one, e.g.:

this.style.listStyleImage = 'url(chrome://myextension/skin/green-chrono.png)';
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