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I have create a Facebook Community Page in Facebook. On the other side i have a web based mobile application built in jquery which supports Facebook Authentication ( like login using Facebook stuff)

Now to support facebook authentication i need to create a App in facebook and assign the App ID/API Key and set the Site URL but i don't see any option to create app in community page which i can see in my own personal normal facebook account as follows

Please look at the image , this is the way i set up an app using my personal facebook account but i dont see this option in community page tht i have created. how can i create app into that

Step 1

Step One

Step 2

Step Two

Step 3

enter image description here

In Community page i am getting following page when i try to create an app

enter image description here

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Community pages are intended to be used like a wiki and Facebook does not allow for the creation of apps under community pages. So unfortunately you will have to use a personal account to create the app.

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ya figured it out eventually but thanks for response – Hunt May 6 '12 at 5:15

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