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I'm currently using PhoneGap and I proceed to a FileTransfer Upload via my application. Unfortunately when sending a file, I have no notification and no progress bar.

I want to know if we can listen FileTransfer to perform calculations progress. (Or if there is another way to prevent the user of the progress of FileTransfer.

Thank you,


Code :

    var file;
var pictureSource;   // picture source
var destinationType; // sets the format of returned value

// Wait for PhoneGap to connect with the device

// PhoneGap is ready to be used!
function onDeviceReady() {

// Called when a photo is successfully retrieved
function onPhotoURISuccess(fileURI) {
  file = fileURI;


function uploadFile() {
  alert('up begin');
  function uploadSuccess(success)

  function uploadError(error)

  var options = new FileUploadOptions();

  var params = new Object();
  params.title = $("#video-name").val();
  params.value2 = "param";

  options.params = params;
  options.chunkedMode = true;

  var ft = new FileTransfer();

  ft.upload(file, "http://myserver/file.php", uploadSuccess, uploadError, options);


// A button will call this function
function getFile() {
  // Retrieve image file location from specified source
  navigator.camera.getPicture(onPhotoURISuccess, onFail, { quality: 50,
        destinationType: destinationType.FILE_URI,
        sourceType: pictureSource.PHOTOLIBRARY,
        mediaType: navigator.camera.MediaType.ALLMEDIA });

// Called if something bad happens.
function onFail(message) {
  alert('Failed because: ' + message);

Here's the HTML Part :

   <div id="file-name"></div>
    <button style="height: 100px;background-color: #FFF;" data-role="button" onclick="getFile();">From Photo Library</button><br>
  <input type="text" value="" id="video-name" name="video-name" /> 
<input style="background-color: #FFF;" type="button" id="test" onclick="uploadFile()" name="test" value="Ok" />
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Post your code.... –  Brad Mar 15 '12 at 16:39
Ok it's done @Brad. –  Yeppao Mar 15 '12 at 17:07

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Having a progress bar maybe tricky but if you use jquery mobile you could use $.mobile.showPageLoadingMsg and $.mobile.hidePageLoadingMsg

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I have not tried this but, perhaps you can do this from the server side. By continuously requesting a page that will report to you the current update status of a file being uploaded.

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