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Is there a way change a node.js while it's running?

Like edit the javascript files while it's running and then it change accordingly while it's running.

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No, it is not possible. When you startup a Node server / app it will load in the current versions of the files. If you make a change after startup it will be unaware. You will have to kill the app and restart for these changes to take affect.

There are some utilities like node-dev which do this for you. They monitor the filesystem for changes and restart the app as needed (along with some other features like growl notification).

I prefer restarting the app manually. That way you know exactly what version it's running, and can save changes to a file multiple times before deciding to try it out again.

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You'll have to load your file through another file that watches the script for changes. You will probably need some setup/teardown code that runs in the script whenever it is restarted.

var fs = require('fs');
var file = 'file.js';

var script;
function loadScript() {
  if (script) {
    if (typeof script.teardown === 'function') {
    delete require.cache[file];

  script = require(file);

fs.watch(file, function(event, filename) {
  if (event !== 'change') return;


The fs.watch API is not 100% consistent across platforms, and is unavailable in some situations.

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Have you checked Node-supervisor

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