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I'm trying to get all the contents on my main classpath to get written to a file by my Ant buildscript:

<path id="main.class.path">
    <fileset dir="${lib.main.dir}">
        <include name="**/*.*"/>

When I hover over main.class.path, Ant/Eclipse launches a tooltip that shows the items on that classpath:


etc. (The actual list has about 30 JARs on it.)

I want this list written to a file called deps.txt under my dist/ directory.

I'm stuck because I can't figure out how to make main.class.path an Ant variable, or how to at least access it in the <echo> task:

<echo file="${dist.dir}/deps.txt" message="${???}"/>

Am I way-off base here, or even remotely close?!?

And for those of you out there that, instead of answering this question, would just comment Why would you want to do this?, my answer is simple: I just want a small text file in my JAR that serves as a visual reminder (for my future me) for what its dependencies are.

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Try this:

  <pathconvert property="expanded.main.class.path" refid="main.class.path"/>

  <target name="everything">
    <echo message="${expanded.main.class.path}"
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Brilliant!!!!!! –  IAmYourFaja Mar 15 '12 at 17:13

Straightforward via :

<echo file="${dist.dir}/deps.txt">${ant.refid:main.class.path}</echo>
<!-- or -->
<echo file="${dist.dir}/deps.txt">${toString:main.class.path}</echo>

${ant.refid:main.class.path} or ${toString:main.class.path} is a csv property which holds all items from your path with its nested fileset(s) (resourcecollections in general) separated with ';'
see Ant Manual Properties and PropertyHelpers
If you want another separator you need to use pathconvert which has a pathsep attribute, i.e. for a new line after each file in your deps.txt use pathsep="${line.separator}"

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