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Please could someone show me how to do an insert with EF4 VB and also how to return the ID of the inserted row?

This is what I have got for edit and it works.. I have seen some very confusing ways of doing selects and edits and have found that i'm most comfortable keeping it written nice like this so that I can go back and understand what I have done... :)

   Using db As New productionEntities
        Dim edit = (From ordEdit In db.orders Where ordEdit.order_id = 56149 Select ordEdit).First
        edit.ExportedToOW = 0
    End Using

I want to insert a new order with an order_id and value for ExportedToOW and get the order_id back which is auto generated by the DB...

Many thanks for your help.

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Does the following help:

Using db As New productionEntities

    Dim newOrder As New Order
    newOrder.ExportedToOW = 123

    ' Get the newly generated Id.
    dim newKey as Integer = newOrder.order_id

End Using

This works because when a field is set up as an autonumber field then EF will update the entity with the generated value when a SaveChanges() is performed.

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