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I don't have a lot of experiences with TestNG, so do you know hot to skip or ignore some tests in Java Runtime. My idea is to write @Before-annotiation test and if it fails the incoming test will be ignored.

I tried to use JUnit with assume method, but I don't prefer it because if "before-test" fails the incoming test is highlighted as passed and it's not a reliable solution because it has ambiguous meaning.

So if you have any experiences with TestNG, please help I would be grateful.

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You need group of tests. Annotation @Test with next params
dependOnGroup or


public void verifyConfig() {
//verify some test config parameters

public void dotest(){
//Actual test
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Thank you, it works :) –  ttokic Mar 15 '12 at 19:38

You can skip test by throwing SkipException

throw new SkipException("Skip this");
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