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I am using Hibernate to map to a legacy data model that I am not able to change. For a particular query I'm trying to construct some HQL that uses a join condition that encompasses more than one property. I have a horribly contrived example that illustrates what I am trying to achieve:

Consider the class Consumer and its two properties - both of type Gadget:

@Table(name = "consumer")
class Consumer {
  @Column(name = "mp3_player")
  Gadget mp3Player;
  @Column(name = "mobile_phone")
  Gadget mobilePhone;

Notice that the consumer table has two foreign keys to the gadget table - not ideal - but it's what I have to work with. I want to obtain a list of Gadgets named 'iphone' that the Consumer 'bob' uses as either an MP3 player or Phone. With postgres I can write:

select gadget.*
from consumer join gadget on (
  consumer.mp3_player = or consumer.mobile_phone =
where = 'bob' and = 'iphone';

I have tried to express this query with HQL but it appears to demand that the join clause contain only one condition. So how can I express a similar query in HQL?

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select consumer from Consumer consumer
left join consumer.mp3Player mp3Player
left join consumer.mobilePhone mobilePhone
where = 'Bob' 
and ( = 'iphone' or = 'iphone')   
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Thanks for the reply - I realise that I have missed out some detail from the question so will update now. –  teabot Mar 16 '12 at 11:55
Ok, so it turns out I was asking the wrong question - my apologies. The question has now been updated. –  teabot Mar 16 '12 at 11:59

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