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I'm not looking at SaveFileDialog

I want to be able to let user download file just like he clicked web page URL. My application is MVVM and I can't handle Button_click the way it is necessary to go around security limitations with 'SaveFileDialog'

When I download file in IE9 it just shows this little download bar on a bottom. How do I mimic this type of behavior?

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You should be able to get there if you can execute JavaScript as a result of clicking your Silverlight button. Once you can execute JavaScript, you can use normal browser downloading techniques, even benefiting directly from IE9's download manager.

Try something like these:

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I've had issues in the past trying to have Silverlight invoke a standard download prompt via JavaScript (as though a user navigated to the download URL) due to various browser security issues or quirky behaviour.

In the end, I gave up and used the HyperlinkButton which basically works as though the user clicked a hyperlink and, thus far, works consistently across all browsers/security that I've tested.

Definitely not the best answer, and like I said, essentially came from "giving up". I'd be interested to see a better method.

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HyperlinkButton is the only method that works as far as I am aware. We have tried various methods, but have eventually settled on HyperlinkButton mainly due to its ability to handle pop-up blockers correctly. Microsoft recommends this method.

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