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I'm trying to change the default values in the "time" drop down list that the DateTimeControl displays in Sharepoint. I want an increment of 15, not 5 minutes. Anybody has any idea how this could be done? Can I overload a method or something?

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Unfortunately this is not possible using the out of the box DateTime field.

A SharePoint field is made up of 2 main parts. The data structure (in code) and the various views (namely in a list, new/edit/view, admin [when adding to a list]). The data structure out of the box is a standard .NET DateTime field. Unfortunately the views only give the increment by 5 minutes.

You can create your own by inheriting from the default field. MSDN has a decent explaination of how. Nick Sevens has a much clearer explanation.

Unfortunately (as with most SharePoint customizations) creating your own field in CAML can be tricky.

This project on CodePlex might be a good starting point. It's licensed under the GPL so you can modify it.

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As a matter of fact both the time drop down and its initializers are implemented as private data members of the DateTimeControl class so you can not change the values directly. However, the minutes drop down is prepared inside OnPreRender, we can get the control and reset its values indirectly to get desired behavior. Here is one approach

public class MyDateTimeControl : DateTimeControl
    protected override void Render(HtmlTextWriter output)
        DropDownList minuteControl = null;
        string[] newMinutesRange = new string[] { "00", "15", "30", "45" };
        string[] newMinutesRangeExt = new string[] { "00", "15", "30", "45", "" };
        int index = 0;
        int selectedMinutes;

            if (!this.DateOnly && this.Controls.Count == 4)
                minuteControl = (DropDownList)this.Controls[2];
        catch { }

        if (minuteControl != null && !this.DateOnly)
            selectedMinutes = Convert.ToInt32(minuteControl.SelectedValue);
            if (selectedMinutes % 15 > 0)
                index = 4;
                newMinutesRangeExt.SetValue(selectedMinutes.ToString(), index);
                newMinutesRange = newMinutesRangeExt;
                index = selectedMinutes / 15;

            minuteControl.SelectedIndex = 0;
            minuteControl.DataSource = newMinutesRange;
            minuteControl.SelectedIndex = index;


Hope this helps

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Hey thanks, it "almost" worked. There is just a little glitch that displays the hours like : 00-15-30-45-40 I don't know where that 40 comes from, I'm going to try to find out :) –  mistermuggles Jun 10 '09 at 13:43
and it doesn't keep the selected value. It's hard to override a class when you don't have access to the sources! :P –  mistermuggles Jun 10 '09 at 13:47
The line "this.SelectedDate.Minute" always gives the current time... weird. –  mistermuggles Jun 10 '09 at 14:04
It happens when you don't select a Date from the control. If you select a date, it gives me an error. Ah well :( –  mistermuggles Jun 10 '09 at 14:33
mistermuggles, 40 is displayed in that way just to set the default behavior of DateTimeControl and that helps you use the current minutes as compared to fixed. For the glitch, I have edited the answer above to take care of state. –  Faheem Jun 10 '09 at 18:02

Go to


In line : 7690

Change: this.dminControl=5; to this.dminControl=15;

It works, but all DateTimePickers will have an increment to 15 minutes

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You can get the value of selected Hour and Minute from the SharePoint:DateTimeControl in C# by the following code:




These statements will return the hour and minute in Integer format.

I know this post is quite old. But I just thought this may help someone coming to this post.

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