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I am trying to break out some methods that I am using across my backbone models, and I don't understand why it isn't working.


class MyApp.Models.BaseClass extends Backbone.Model

Linked: () =>

Link: (form) =>
  if @._linked == false
    $(form).backboneLink(@, {'prefixed':true})
    @._linked = true
    $(form).backbonePopulate(@, {'prefixed':true})

Dirty: () ->
  @._dirty = true

Clean: () ->
  @._dirty = false

isDirty: () =>


#= require ./base_class

class MyApp.Models.Page extends MyApp.Models.BaseClass

  initialize: () ->
    console.log('Page Object initialized')
    @._dirty = false
    @changes = []
    @.name = 'Page'
    @._linked = false

 url: () ->
    '/pages/' + @id

However when I go into the console

page = new MyApp.Models.Page();    #=> Page Object initialized
page.Link($('#myform'));   #=>  Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Page> has no method 'Link'

I dont understand why the methods aren't being inherited.

Here is a jsfiddle of the issue: http://jsfiddle.net/Y9bPX/11/

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Your indentation is off. Your CoffeeScript looks like this:

class MyApp.Models.BaseClass extends Backbone.Model

Linked: () =>

but it should look like this:

class MyApp.Models.BaseClass extends Backbone.Model

  Linked: () =>

Your lack of indentation gives you an empty MyApp.Models.BaseClass and then a bunch of inaccessible functions inside an anonymous object in the JavaScript:

// CoffeeScript boilerplate...
MyApp.Models.BaseClass = (function(_super) {
  // Standard CoffeeScript class boilerplate...

  Linked: function() {
    return _this._linked;
  // etc...

So fix your indentation in your MyApp.Models.BaseClass and you should be fine. Remember that the entire block structure of CoffeeScript is based on the indentation so if you don't have your indentation right then you have a bunch of nonsense.

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+1 for significant white space. –  Soviut Nov 21 '12 at 20:50

If your test code is as you posted it (and the namespace differences on the classes is a pasting mistake), the error is that you're not calling the constructor on Page, instead you're making a reference to it:

page = new MyApp.Models.Page;

should be

page = new MyApp.Models.Page();

Check it out here (open a console):


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any Ideas? I think I am going to open an issue with backbone –  theSociableme Mar 15 '12 at 20:33
The parentheses when calling new are optional in both JavaScript and CoffeeScript. –  mu is too short Mar 15 '12 at 20:35

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