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This question refers to using Eclipse Indigo SR1 on Windows 7 to write Java code. I've declared an array of objects (an array of IloNumExpr, I'm writing some CPLEX optimization code, but I don't think that matters). After declaring them (putting a breakpoint on the next line), when I mouse over the array of IloNumExpr in the debugger, I see the message

Detail formatter error: 
  An exception occurred: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

but when I look at individual elements in the array, they are all null, and when I loop through them and assign each of them, I don't get any kind of error at all. After they're assigned, Eclipse still tells me the same detail formatter error, but every element has been assigned as I expect it to be, and when I pass this array to other methods everything works as I expect.

What does this mean? Should I be concerned?

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I also get this error. I study the error and conclude that sometimes these type of errors comes into our code due to some bad programming but the error doesn't affect our code so remove the error so that bad programming removes.

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