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I am designer, not a programmer so I will make it clear using graphics. I have 2 activities that I want to have as one. When user clicks on each button, a new activity is being active (normally a new window would open). I want to have all the information (text, images) on one screen that will scroll down, like in this animation.

before click

enter image description here

after click

enter image description here

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You're looking for ExpandableListView. It's exactly what you want. A scrollable list that has items that can be expanded.

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Assuming a LinearLayout that looks like

    <TextView/> <!-- Title, e.g. "Heating Program" -->
    <TextView/> <!-- Details, e.g. "Standby mode" -->
    <TextView/> <!-- Title -->
    <TextView/> <!-- Details -->
    <!-- etc -->

If you set android:animateLayoutChanges="true" for the LinearLayout and then set detailsView.setVisibility(View.VISIBLE) or detailsView.setVisibility(View.GONE) from OnClickListener (each title hiding/showing its detail) you will get about that effect. But it's not perfect.

Note: Requires Honeycomb or above. Animation can be customized via setLayoutTransition(LayoutTransition transition)

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I would make a custom Layout class that has all the Views in it (the main "Heating Program" view, arrow ImageView, and the details view), and give that class the knowledge of being "expanded" or not. Then when the main view/arrow view are clicked, toggle the expanded-ness, change the arrow image, and set the visibility of the details view (like @zapl says).

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