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I have written python scripts to list repositories and commits. To create a new repository, I have used the following code:

curl -F 'login=SolomonPeter26' -F 'token=mygithubapitoken' -F 'name=REPONAME' -F 'description=This project is a test'

I can't access github API token of other users. So I couldn't write a python script for that sake.

Please suggest a better way to create such a new repository or a way to access the Github API token.( Can I get any help from oauth or oauth2)

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Yeah. You can't access API tokens of other users. It's same with twitter. You need to use Oauth2, and each user should get the API keys\tokens and add them manually in the code. What you can do is provide an easy way for your users to add github API token.

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