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Is it possible to update child components of a composite component just by specifying the parent composite ID? E.g. if I have:

    <composite:attribute name="value" type="..." required="true"/>

    <p:treeTable id="main-tree" ...>


and to use it somehow like this:

<my:comp id="composite-component" />


<p:ajax update="composite-component" />

Is that possible? Right now the only way I see is to specify the child component ID explicitly:

<p:ajax update="composite-component:main-tree" />
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This can be done by wrapping a <div> around your composite components implementation and set the div's id=#{cc.clientId}:

<html ...>

      <div id="#{cc.clientId}">

And in the using page:

<my:comp id="composite-component" />
<h:commandButton value="Update first name">
   <f:ajax execute="composite-component" render="composite-component">

The <p:ajax>should work accordingly.

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