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On cisco devices, you can query the SNMP oid to check if the interface is a trunk port or not.

Is there a SNMP oid for Foundry (Brocade) switches for the same thing?

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SNMP oids are organized in a tree, each number represent a branch option. After the prefix all the vendors are linked in (All cisco related SNMP information are reachable via, since 9 is the id of Cisco as a vendor).

According to IANA Foundry/Brocade has the vendor id 1991. So my first step would be to check what a snmpwalk over the oid returns.

Or you could try and find your device at the mibDepot.

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I did that already, and no luck so far. T.T; –  Jaeh Mar 16 '12 at 17:37

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