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I'm trying to convert this DAML ontology into OWL (or any other supported by Protege) format. I found an online converter, but the attempt of opening the result of conversion by protege entailed the following error message:

org.semanticweb.owlapi.rdf.syntax.RDFParserException: [line=21:column=39] IRI '#To Interpret' cannot be resolved against curent base IRI file:/home/citxx/Downloads/musicV1.0.xml

There is the result of conversion.

What is wrong with the mentioned converter? Or is there another ways of conversion DAML ontologies into Protege-compatible format?

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Two things, spaces can't be in the rdf:ID unless they are escaped, those have to end up forming valid URI's. Also, it doesnt look like there's a defined xml base in that file, which is also a problem.

You might be better off just doing the conversion by hand, its a very basic ontology, and it would not take you long to recreate it in Protege.

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