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Are there any 3rd party carousel widgets that I can reuse in android?

I am looking for something like this but for android.

At the moment I've developed it my self extending View class, but it becamse more complex to add new features, so I am just wondering if I can reuse some code

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  1. Linderdaum Engine ( has a working implementation of the 3D "carousel" widget.

Here it is in action:

The engine runs on both android and windows and it is written in C++.

The basic idea, just to get you started.

The sequence of images is rendered as a sequence of 3d quads. The vertices of each quad are placed on the "direction curves". For the "coverflow" appearance we use the exp(-t*t) curve. 't' is the current viewing parameter.

  1. For the simpler effects one might use this

This one is written in Java by Neil Davies.

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Here is a nice 3rd party library showing a custom carousel view, that is created by extending the gallery view and transforming (rotation, scaling) the visible items:

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