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I'm using the Facebook API to get the like/share count for given URLs. The strange thing is that it seems to be quite inconsistent in returning results. For example, this page returns results:,like_count,comment_count,share_count,click_count%20from%20link_stat%20where%20url=''&format=json

Whereas, this one does not:,like_count,comment_count,share_count,click_count%20from%20link_stat%20where%20url=''&format=json

The second page clearly has a share count on it, and when I inspect the HTML of the page, the URL which is being used to share is the one I've placed into the API request above. However, the API does not respond with any count information for either number of likes or shares.

Any clues on why the API might be responding for some URLs but not for others?

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Also will show you all the data like 'Share Count', 'Like Count' and 'Comment Count' and total of all these.

Change the URL (i.e. as per your need.

This is the correct URL, I'm getting right results.

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It is possible to get same results in JSON format:… – Vladimir Dec 7 '12 at 20:25
@Vladimir Is that URL part of the official API, or will it be deprecated? Seems like you don't need an API key to use it.. – Henley Chiu Dec 18 '12 at 21:09
Yes, it is part of the official API. This request uses Facebook Query Language (FQL) – Vladimir Dec 19 '12 at 17:59
FQL is indeed deprecated as of API 2.1+. Check vincentlcy's answer below or… – Aron Jan 5 at 15:34

Use the open graph API. Here is a live example querying how many likes "Coca Cola" has.

Which boils down to:

Which you could do in an AJAX GET

The result is:

  "likes": 71717854, 
  "id": "40796308305"
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An access token is required to request this resource. – Mohit Bhansali Jun 20 at 5:27
use the first link and get an access token – John Culviner Jun 29 at 18:28

Facebook Graph is awesome. Just do something like below. I've entereted URL, you can put any URL there.,%20total_count,%20share_count,%20click_count,%20comment_count%20FROM%20link_stat%20WHERE%20url%20=%20%27

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This is the best answer, straight and to the point. The endpoint returns a simple JSON you can parse pretty much from anywhere and you don't even have to authenticate. Perfect! – sergserg Apr 5 at 21:23

For latest 2.1 Graph API, an example to get likes for will be

Using this to get the id

and then get the likes


URL /?id={url}

Represents an external URL as it relates to the Facebook social graph - shares and comments from the URL on Facebook, and any Open Graph objects associated with the URL.


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For graph API v2.1, you can get the like count using 1 call only and, therefore, no need to go through the paging.

For example, to get the number of likes of

Graph API Explorer

It is somehow not documented (at least at the moment I submit this answer...). I found the answer in

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You need the extended permission "read_stream", then you need to call the Facebook API endpoint, and add likes,shares to your fields.

This call,shares

will return a data array like this

   "data": [
     "likes": {
        "data": [
                   "name": "name of user who liked status ",
                   "id": "id of user who liked status "
        "count": number of likes
     "shares": {
      "count": number of shares 
     "id": "post id",
     "created_time": "post creation time"
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I see this nice tutorial on how to get the like count from facebook using PHP.

public static function get_the_fb_like( $url = '' ){
 $pageURL = '';

 $url = ($url == '' ) ? $pageURL : $url; // setting a value in $url variable

 $params = 'select comment_count, share_count, like_count from link_stat where url = "'.$url.'"';
 $component = urlencode( $params );
 $url = ''.$component;
 $fbLIkeAndSahre = json_decode( $this->file_get_content_curl( $url ) ); 
 $getFbStatus = $fbLIkeAndSahre->data['0'];
 return $getFbStatus->like_count;

here is a sample code.. I don't know how to paste the code with correct format in here, so just kindly visit this link for better view of the code.

Creating a Custom Facebook like Counter

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use below URL and replace myurl with your post url and you will get all the things

but keep in mind it will give you response in XML format only

Example :

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