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I was looking for examples of Javascript games and I came across this. It looks like Flash. I tried looking at the source code, and all I see are a bunch of div tags, but not really any Javascript. I couldn't find the code that actually runs the game.

Is this Flash or Javascript? How can you tell?

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If there an <embed> or <object> tag present in the HTML source? Is there a JavaScript in <script> or a link to external HTML in the source? (One of those is true and one is false in this case: right-click and choose "View Page Source".) –  user166390 Mar 15 '12 at 22:15

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It's Javascript.

When you right click it gives you the native browser context menu. Right-clicking anything in Flash will give you a Flash context menu. The only time that method fails is when you get no context menu at all.

Also, highlight the text "Press enter". It uses native text highlighting.

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As far as I know is impossible to hide the typical secondary flash context menu telling the version, etc...

I found is using a core.js javascript

Hope it helps.

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You can try to disable the plugin of shockwave flash from browser's options. Then refresh page and see, whether 'target flash' disappears. If so then it was flash.

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