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How one can add syntactic sugar similar to rails "add to collection" << operator, i.e.

@object.collection << item

I was trying to do

class Object
  def collection<<(item)

but it does not work. Optionally I would like to define my own "operators" on attributes.

Note - i am aware hot to use def <<(value) but it works for the whole object not for its attribute.

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@object.collection << item

Let's take this apart.

  • @object - well, some object.
  • collection - when @object is sent this message it returns something.
  • << - this message is sent to the object that was returned from the collection message.
  • item - parameter to << message.


class Foo
  def << val
    puts "someone pushed #{val} to me"

class Bar
  def collection
    @foo ||=

b =

b.collection << 'item'
# someone pushed item to me

By the way, these forms do the same thing and produce the same output.

b.collection << 'item'
b.send(:collection).send(:<<, 'item')
b.collection.<< 'item'
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Thanks, this is great! I thought that should be some sort of proxy ... – gorn Mar 15 '12 at 22:02
Although I like your solution it is still a pity, that the def @object.collection=(value) is possible - the assignment is privileged operator :-) – gorn Mar 15 '12 at 22:07
It is so for a reason. Getter/setter is a common idiom. Half-method-half-operator is not :) – Sergio Tulentsev Mar 15 '12 at 22:09
Still the add operator is so common in rails that i expected it to be easier to tweak. But i see the reason. – gorn Mar 15 '12 at 22:12

This isn't possible based on how Ruby works. You will need your collection method to return an object which has your custom << method on it.

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it is possible using proxy object, see accepted answer – gorn May 4 '12 at 13:10
Well that's pretty much what I said, I just didn't use the word 'proxy' ;) Instead I said "an object which has your custom << method on it". But I upvoted the other answer because it has more detail than I gave – Gareth May 4 '12 at 15:40
Yes, you are right. – gorn May 4 '12 at 17:15

<< is a method of Array, so this works in plain Ruby:

def MyClass
  def initialize
    @collection = []
  def collection
end << 'foo'
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I do not want to just add to the collection - how would I add special behaviour like checking for duplicates etc? – gorn Mar 15 '12 at 21:58

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