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I have some css like this:

cursor: url("x.gif"), move;

but the problem is that the image is not positioned right, I'd like to move it -15px up and left for example. Is this possible?

The center of a cursor: move; is the click point afaict and I'd like to use the center of my custom cursor image as well.

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Yes - just supply the hotspot coordinates:

cursor: url("x.gif") 15 15, move;

However bear in mind that this will break some browsers. Ideally, you need:

cursor: url("x.cur"), move;
cursor: url("x.gif") 15 15, move;

Where x.cur is a "proper" cursor file. If you need a program to make one, try RealWorld Cursor Editor.

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thx! you answered so fast that I have to wait to accept =] –  erikvold Mar 15 '12 at 22:56
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