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I want to add some standalone description text into a MonoTouch DialogViewController section. I started using a MultilineElement, but I need to get rid of the background of the section. Is this possible? I tried to make an OwnerDrawnElement but that looked dreadful (with a black background and not multiline):

    public override void Draw (RectangleF bounds, CGContext context, UIView view)
        //UIColor.Clear.SetFill ();
        //context.FillRect (bounds);
        UIColor.White.SetColor ();  
        view.DrawString (this.Text, new RectangleF (10, 15, bounds.Width - 20, bounds.Height - 30), UIFont.SystemFontOfSize (14.0f), UILineBreakMode.WordWrap);

Any ideas?

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Can't you use a Section title to do so ?

I would look like the Silent and Ring text in this: enter image description here

Another option is adding a UIView (and adding labels...) as an header (or footer). However this limits you to the top (or bottom) of the table.

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I added a UIView and a label into a Section which worked nicely. – Dylan Mar 16 '12 at 21:48

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