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I implemented a very simple sample mobile app using phonegab.
I used Visual Studio 10 to build this app, and I have a windows phone 'htc'.

I tested the application in the vs emulator, but I want to check it on my physical phone.

Is it possible to do that without registering in the apps hub? I want to just test it, just me, will not sell it or anything.

Is that possible and how?

note: I am new in mobile dev world.

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The only way to manually deploy the application is to have your phone developer unlocked. You need to buy a years membership to Microsoft's App Hub to developer unlock your phone.

So in short, no you can't deploy without paying for a membership.

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There is another way of unlocking a device for direct application deployment and it's fully legal: ChevronWP7 Labs

They suspended operations a few weeks ago because they ran out of unlocking tokens from Microsoft, but I don't know if they have more already...

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You can also check the Windows phone hackers at xda-developers and install a custom ROM that enables the development for free

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