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I'm trying to get tweets from a specific user but can't find a way to do this from within Code Igniter. I saw several pages looking for solutions like:

But all of them seems to be for authorization and not for get tweets. Any help or advice on this topic?

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Use this library on github :

TwitterFetecher for codeigniter and Read the documenation

Place TwitterFetcher.php on libraries folder .

on your controller /action load it

public function home() {

        $tweets = $this->twitterfetcher->getTweets(array(
            'consumerKey'       => 'yourkey',
            'consumerSecret'    => 'yourkey',
            'accessToken'       => 'yourkey',
            'accessTokenSecret' => 'yourkey',
            'usecache'          => true,
            'count'             => 2,  //this how many tweets to fectch
            'numdays'           => 30
    $data['twiites'] = $tweets  ; 


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I can't figure where we pass the username for this library. Can you please explain how can I do this? –  Yasmeen Jan 12 at 17:15
@Yasmeen you need to login to your twitter account and developer api then generate the keys..above yourkeys are like username –  danielad Jan 13 at 7:41
Yes, so I can't get latest tweets from another account with this library?. Thank you anyway :) –  Yasmeen Jan 13 at 9:44
it shoud have been your API developer setting ...am sure it will work put your twitter.php on libraries folder .. –  danielad Jan 13 at 11:58

Have you looked at CI Sparks? The example build Spark does similar to what you are asking

There are a couple of packages there that look like they will do what you want.


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