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I'm new to JSF and I want to spend a text when an action is executed successfully. But the output text, it is not when the action is executed successfully.

Here is the view (deactivatePerson.xhtml):

<h:outputText value="#{msg.personIsDeactivate}" rendered="#{isPersonDeactivate}" />
    <h:commandButton action="#{controller.deactivate}" value="#{msg.deactivate}" />

Here is the managed bean:

public class Controller { 
    private boolean isPersonDeactivate = false;

    public String deactivate() {
        isPersonDeactivate = false; // Deactivate process...
        isPersonDeactivate = true;
        return "persondeactivate";

    //Getter and Setter

Here is the faces-config.xml:


Can someone please tell me what I do wrong here?

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You forgot to reference it as a property of the #{controller} managed bean. It's unclear what your getter look like, but boolean properties should have a getter prefixed with is instead of get. The property name itself should preferably not have an is prefix. It should rather be a verb statement.

Thus, more so:

private boolean personDeactivated;

public boolean isPersonDeactivated() {
    return personDeactivated;

Then you can reference it as follows:

<h:outputText ... rendered="#{controller.personDeactivated}" />

Unrelated to the concrete problem, navigation cases are superfluous since the new JSF 2.0 implicit navigation. Just let your action method return "deactivatePerson" and it'll go to the proper view without needing a <navigation-case>. Make sure that you're reading proper JSF 2.x targeted resources and not JSF 1.x targeted ones.

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Thank you for your answer. It worked fine. Thanks for the tip. However i have another problem: When I navigate to another page and come back again, the success message is always there. How can I make them invisible? Thanks in advance. – Lukem Mar 16 '12 at 9:17

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