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For a rails 3 project, I am trying to create seo urls like


My recipe model has a name property, and in the routes.rb I have specified the following:

resources :recipes, :path => "recipes", :except => [:show]
get :path => "recipes/:id/:name", :controller => :recipes, :action => :show, :as => :recipe

the controllers work as desired, but




break - it doesn't seem to know what to use for :name

I would like it to work the default way - using


a workaround would be to use

recipe_path(:id => recipe.id, :name => recipe.name)

that is not really pretty - and it would mean I have to modify all of my views

  1. Is adding :name the correct approach to add the name to an url?
  2. How can I get recipe_path to work properly?
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Try switching the order of your two lines in your routes file. –  fearpi Mar 16 '12 at 1:28

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Because you have added recipes/:id/:name to your routes file you can leave out the :id=> and :name=>. You can just do this: recipe_path(recipe.id, recipe.name)

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