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I develop an application that retrieves the location of the user.

Is that I can test on my emulator (of Eclipse) the geolocation with GPS or other?

thank you

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You can connect to the emulator using telnet and then use the command geo fix <latitude> <longtitude> to simulate a change in latitude and longtitude

  1. Open a terminal in the /tools directory of your SDK's installation
  2. Connect to the emulator using telnet localhost <port number>. You will get the port number from the emulator window
  3. Use geo fix <x> <y> <z> to change the location. X and Y are latitude and longtitude in degrees and Z is altitude in meters (it's optional).

This page has details

Edit: Corrected and added more info

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can you explain more? –  Zombie_Colonel Mar 16 '12 at 3:05

Open DDMS perspective, select an emulator, then put in Location control any coordinates you need.

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If you are using Eclipse, you can set long/lat in the Emulator control view, under 'Location controls'

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