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I'm trying to make a custom map with a modified relativelayout.

I'm using matrices and touch events.

First Problem

Every setImageMatrix() outside of my Touch Event are not doing anything but the ones in the event are working.

The problem is that I need to be able to set points on the map before the user touches the screen.

I've tried invalidate() on pretty much every view and it's not doing anything.

Second problem

I have made a custom class extending ImageView and it's not displaying at all.


public OverlayPoint(Context context,JSONObject obj) {
    this.obj = obj;


    this.setLayoutParams(new LayoutParams 
            (LayoutParams.FILL_PARENT, LayoutParams.FILL_PARENT));
    myMatrix = new Matrix();

The call in the extended relativelayout :

public void addPoint(JSONObject obj) throws JSONException
    OverlayPoint vv = new OverlayPoint(getContext(),obj);
    Upoint pp = new Upoint(obj.getDouble("latitude"),obj.getDouble("longitude"));
    vv.setXY(pp.getX(), pp.getY());
    Log.d("Overlay","Point added to array");
    Log.d("Overlay", myOverlays.toString());

    GlobalState gs = (GlobalState)  ((VTTMatapediaActivity)this.getContext()).getApplication();

Edit: Forgot to mention I was using a ViewFlipper to flip views. But I juste tried Waiting for the animation to finish to call a setImageMatrix and nothing happens...


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