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I'm a beginner and not remember all script in jquery.

what i want to do is to make my hide/show div have more simple script. not like my script:

<div id="aaa">
<div id="bbb">
<div id="ccc">

<button id="bt1">
<button id="bt2">
<button id="bt3">


and so on...


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function hideAll(){


that is if you want to show and hide element.

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It doesn't get much simpler than what you have.

You could combine your two .hide calls into one, but that's about it:

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I don't know what is actually required but try this

<button id="bt1">
<div id="aaa">
<button id="bt2">
<div id="bbb">
<button id="bt3">
<div id="ccc">

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Well, you can prepare your divs with a data- attribute to make it more easy. For instance:

<div id="aaa" data-btn="bt1">Content #1</div>
<div id="bbb" data-btn="bt2">Content #2</div>
<div id="ccc" data-btn="bt3">Content #3</div>

<button class="content-btn" id="bt1">Show #1</button>
<button class="content-btn" id="bt2">Show #2</button>
<button class="content-btn" id="bt3">Show #3</button>​

Now just follow my comments:

$('button.content-btn').click(function() {
    // [data-btn^=...] mean "attr data-btn start with..."
    // First hide all contents
    var contents = $('div[data-btn^=bt]');

    // Now store the button id clicked
    var show = $(this).attr('id');

    // Now find and show the content that combine with the button id
    var content = $('div[data-btn=' + show + ']');;

You can found a live example on JSFiddle.

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Hum... It isn't more simple, but you can create more buttons and contents without problem with it. – David Rodrigues Mar 16 '12 at 3:56

With a few more HTML attributes you can make a single click function like this:

<div class="someclass" id="aaa"></div>
<div class="someclass" id="bbb"></div>
<div class="someclass" id="ccc"></div>

<button id="bt1" rel="aaa">show only aaa</button>
<button id="bt2" rel="bbb">show only bbb</button>
<button id="bt3" rel="ccc">show only ccc</button>


    $('#' + $(this).attr('rel')).show();

(Note: fixed the syntax error too!)

You could also use HTML 5 data- attributes, and to read them, instead of rel.

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