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For whatever reason, I can't get this function repeat. Once it gets the setTimeout, it spits out the "uncaught referenceerror: getnumbers is not defined (where getnumbers is just the name of the variable.


    var getnumbers = {

        countDigit: function(){

            if (sessionStorage.counter=="NaN"){
            else {


            $("#result").text("counter: " +sessionStorage.counter);



        _init: function(){



Ironically, if I refresh the page the counter works, so I know it's just getting stuck on that one line. What could I be missing?


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setTimeout with a string argument is just a global eval. When it tries to evaluate getnumbers.countDigit(), it is evaluated in the global scope, and no longer has access to getnumbers.

Solution: Don't pass in a string. Instead, try this:

setTimeout(getnumbers.countDigit, 3000);
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worked like a charm! I tried the same thing, but forgot to take off the () - good catch! Thanks! – tlflow Mar 16 '12 at 11:19

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