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I am trying to open FancyBox (iframe from href) at a known location on screen (which depends on what is visible at the time).

I want to use an elastic open (e.g. zoom in and out from a known entity using an animation).

Some of the time the trigger is called from within an iframe, and sometimes in the parent so my functions (below) handle both cases in one.

Because some links happen within the iframe I make a dummy element in the parent frame at the same (x,y) coordinate as the original element in which to fire the overlay from - I had hoped this would make the elastic easing animate from that element (but it does not).

Here is the code that opens the overlay.

function triggerOverlay(href, pos) {
var container = $("#FRM_CONTENT").is(":visible") ? $("#FRM_CONTENT").contents().find("#ContentPageWrapper") : $("#rounded_container");
var ct_offset = $("#FRM_CONTENT").is(":visible") ?
        'top' : $("#FRM_CONTENT").offset().top,
        'left' : $("#FRM_CONTENT").offset().left
    } : {
        'top' : 0,
        'left' : 0
var span = $("<span></span>").css({
    position: "fixed",
    top: pos.t,
    left: pos.l,
    width: pos.w,
    height: pos.h,
    border: "1px solid red"
.appendTo("body").ready(function () { // can't trigger click
        'type'          : 'iframe',
        'href'          : href,
        'orig'          : span,
        'titleShow'         : false,
        'transitionIn'      : 'elastic',
        'transitionOut'     : 'elastic',
        'easingIn'          : 'easeOutBack',
        'easingOut'         : 'easeInBack',
        'autoSize'      : false,
        'autoResize'        : false,
        'autoCenter'        : false,
        'centerOnScroll'    : false,
        'fitToView'     : false,
        'fixed'         : true,
        'width'         : container.width(),
        'height'        : container.height(),
        'margin'        : 0,
        'padding'       : 10,
        'arrows'        : false,
        'closeBtn'      : true,
        'modal'         : false,
        'afterShow'     : function () {
                'top': (container.position().top + ct_offset.top),
                'left': (container.position().left + ct_offset.left)
        'afterClose'        : function () {

here is an example jquery that runs the trigger (which has the handlers for both iframe and self)

$(".rp-overlay-white, .rp-overlay-black")
        .click(function (event) {
            var th = $(this);
            var _frame = (location.href.toLowerCase().indexOf("content.html")==-1); // are we running in the sub-iframe? also bodgy but I can't assume that this page isn't a sub frame itself
            var t_off = _frame ? $("#FRM_CONTENT", parent.document) : 0;
            var l_off = _frame ? $("#FRM_CONTENT", parent.document) : 0;
            (_frame ? parent : self).triggerOverlay(th.attr("href"), {
                t: th.offset().top + t_off,
                l: th.offset().left + l_off,
                w: th.width(),
                h: th.height(),
                c: (event.target.className === 'rp-overlay-black') ? "#000000" : "#ffffff"

You can see that since Fancybox doesn't have a built in property for setting the top and left I have to bind to an event to position it. If I bind to beforeShow() then it does not position properly; if I bind to afterShow() then I see a noticable "jump" and the element still doesn't position exactly correctly possibly due to margins and padding in the standard css.

Some code I found on http://jsfiddle.net/jlgrall/8TgqX/ which was for the previous version of FancyBox (and then modified, as far as I can tell) seemed to be able to specify the "orig" object which was the calculated position of the original element before the elasic effect took effect, which is what I really need to hook into. This does not appear to be part of the current fancybox release.


What is the best way to position fancybox's open location so that a) it animates to that location using elastic opening, and b) is positioned correctly before it displays.

My iframe hack is annoying but required (and html5's iframe options aren't yet supported in any browser I know of); given that the location of an object inside an iframe I have to build a dummy object from which to animate from in the parent frame. How can I specify to animate from a known object?

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