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I'm perplexed by this issue.

One of my sites, teamsmartmove.com has an issue. When I search "Team Smart Move" in Google and click the corresponding link, I'm redirected to a 3rd party spam site.
This has been happening for a while (over a week), but my site hasn't been put on Google's blacklist. Additionally, site scanners like , Norton Safeweb, etc. all claim the site isn't compromised.

Additional details:
A few weeks ago this Wordpress install was hit with malware. I found and deleted some suspicious PHP eval() functions and then did a search and replace in my pages and database for any remaining code. After the site cleared into un-blacklisted status with Google I thought it was all over, ran updates and took numerous measures to protect the site from future infection.

Can anyone advise? Thank you.

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Were the nameservers ever changed by the malware or attackers? Google could have the wrong DNS information for your domain and thinks its hosted at said spam site? Resubmit your site to Google or report the issue to them to resolve (may also be resolved automatically next time Google tries to crawl your domain)?

It is a strange issue I have not seen before either, have you looked at your .htaccess file in the root directory? It is also possible that this has a rewrite condition that if the referrer is Google to redirect you to the spam site.

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There doesn't seem to be anything foreign in my .htaccess. It's a long .htaccess with a lot of rules, so just in case I deleted everything temporarily and found the problem still persists. Nameservers are set with the domain registrar elsewhere (completely independent of hosting). What a frustrating issue, I'm starting a Google Webmaster Central discussion on the topic. –  Orun Bhuiyan Mar 16 '12 at 15:55

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