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Are there any opinions on which library (if any at all) is preferred for writing a 2D side-scrolling Super Mario recreation?

It seems like easel (now part of createjs) or crafty could do the trick – but I'm looking for anyone with practical experience. And does anyone think that rolling my own framework would be worth it (obviously for the learning experience)?

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If you are looking for great physics engine, you may probably want to use Box2DJS. – Derek 朕會功夫 Mar 16 '12 at 4:31
Do you have a specific technical problem? This is not the place to have a discussion about various engines. – robertc Mar 16 '12 at 11:27

It depends what you want to do. Do you want to create a game like Mario for users to play and have fun or do you want to create Mario just for the learning experience? From there you now need to decide if you are trying to learn how to implement game mechanics, or trying to learn how to create tools for making games.

If you want to just make your own game and not the tools some of the more popular choices are

Impactjs - This was used to create a game called Biolab Disaster (among many others) but[Biolab Disaster is very similiar to Mario in terms of the style of game. It also has an excellent editor. However Impact does cost money.

Phaser - Really great game engine that is picking up a lot of steam. Renders using either WebGL or canvas 2d based on the browser support, does it all behind the scenes. Here is an example of a plat former from their examples pages.

CraftyJS - To be honest I haven't looked too much at the games created with crafty but I know its a popular choice. The closest ive seen to mario game from the demos is a 2d minecraft clone someone wrote.

CAAT.js - This isn't a "game" engine per se but provides a ton of nice things when dealing with canvas, such as animating on a path, box2d integration, and collisions. I recommend taking a look at their page.

JEST - A shameless plug. A game engine I've been working on for a while, while I haven't written a side scroller using it, its perfectly capable. A few demos can be seen here and my shmup

And also a great resource listing a bunch more js game engines.

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Impact.js was my choice when developing a simple 2D side-scroller. You can also create bird-eye RPG style games as well.

It a paid solution but it is well documented and easy to pick up if you know some JavaScript.


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Check out MelonJS. If you've heard of the independent 2D platformer game Alex the Alligator 4, check out its MelonJS port to see an example of how it can handle exactly the type of game you're looking to create.

It also supports the Tiled map editor, which is probably your best choice for a level editor (short of rolling your own).

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You can also take a look at CAAT.

Despite the name, this is a well done little game engine with multiple renderers available (canvas, dom & webgl), which can be usefull if you want to spread your game to say, mobile :)

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You could also checkout KineticJS, it's perfect for online 2d games. Supports high performance animations, sprites, layering, and interactivity. You can see some of the games that people have already made on the homepage: http://kineticjs.com/

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You could try out the demo app here http://arcade.rawrbitrary.com/mario/ that is also trying to write a mario game using html5.

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cool mario game, runs too fast in my browser. needs a bit of throttling – Aran Mulholland Apr 16 '12 at 2:52

If you want the game it's here:


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Opera Software made a platformer as a demo. The engine for it is ofc specially made for the game, but since it's free software/open source you can just take it. Rip out the assets and actually just customize the engine for your own game.

It has both canvas and a webgl renderer.


That might or might not be a route you like to follow. I will probably do that myself though after looking through a few options.

If you don't plan on hacking on the engine yourself though, it's probably much better/nicer to use an engine made for being used alone.

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