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I'm currently in the process of writing a code-oriented text editor from scratch, and while I've been in the search for some time and I've come across several interesting ones (like GtkSourceView files, NotePad++ way, etc), I still feel there's something missing.

So, could you please point me to some direction (even open-sourced app source) where I could find existing styling files for several different languages? I'm not interested in the Lexer/syntax-recognition part; this will be mostly handled by the Scintilla component; what I need is some thing like :


        Keywords : (void struct union enum char short int long double float signed unsigned const static extern auto register volatile bool class private protected public friend inline template virtual asm explicit typename mutable)
        Instructions : (if else switch case default break goto return for while do continue typedef sizeof NULL new delete throw try catch namespace operator this const_cast static_cast dynamic_cast reinterpret_cast true false using typeid and and_eq bitand bitor compl not not_eq or or_eq xor xor_eq)

        Keywords : ...


    Keywords : ( Foreground: #660000; Background: #FFFFFF; )
    Instructions : ( Foreground: #550055; Background: #676767; )

Something along these lines...

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If you are running linux and have Gedit installed (you probably do if on GNOME), there are lots of langauge definition files that live here:


It's got most of the heavy hitting languages in there in a very parsable format.


Also, look at TextPad. It has its own language definition scheme. All of the files come with the demo installer.

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I have definitely had a look at the Language-specs. What I'm looking for is just different approaches of the same subject-matter. :-) –  Dr.Kameleon Mar 16 '12 at 4:46

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