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WordPress is so powerful.. but yet it is so weak with RTL Languages like Arabic and Hebrew... I need to have the Front-End in Arabic and Admin area to stay in English and of course LTR.. If I use the Arabic version of wordpress.. Every thing including admin area will be in Arabic and RTL.. which will not be suitable at all.. In the same time.. Visually editing an Arabic post should be in RTL while the HTML view should be LTR..

I can see that MU version on can have admin area in english while frontend is in Arabic..

How to do that?

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WordPress's back end can handle Arabic just fine, with both the editor and the database itself. If you want the front end to display in Arabic you'll need to use/develop a theme that uses Arabic.

If your blog is Arabic-only, you can add a CSS class to the div surrounding the post in the blog template file that sets the text-direction to ltr. If you use Arabic and English, you can set an if statement to decide what direction each post needs based on a custom field you add to the post from the back end.

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I managed to find a plugin that will Set admin language to english even when the user area is Arabic, But i can't get TinyMCE to be in RTL when visually editing a post -while keeping Source/HTML editing in LTR. – user120221 Jun 17 '09 at 18:53

Use the Arabic WP installation and use this plugin: to switch back to the English admin interface.

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I had the same issue. The blog is in Arabic, and the admin back-end is in English.

If you are using Firefox, you can simply overcome this problem by clicking Switch Text Direction from the right-click menu on the TinyMCE.

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