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I developed a Java application with MS SQL Server 2008 as database. I am using the JDBC drivers available on Microsoft's website.

It was working fine till now. But as the load increased, a lot of SQLServerException appeared.

The query is

 INSERT INTO ANSWERS VALUES ('pd','GK002','A','B','','','Yes','QUIZ012')  

The exception is Incorrect syntax near 'Contribution'.
   at nina.dbinterface.FinalDBInteraction.updateUserAnswers(
   at nina.dbinterface.FinalDBInteraction.updateDatabase(
   at nina.user.ui.MainWindow.submitQuiz(
   at nina.user.ui.MainWindow.actionPerformed(

I am not using the word 'Contribution' anywhere in my query. Then why this error? Any solutions?

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Anything called "Contribution" in your database? Any trigger on the Answers table? – David Brabant Mar 16 '12 at 7:33
I this the actual query that caused the exception? I suspect sql injection. – Oliv Mar 16 '12 at 8:13

I'd recommend running a profiler trace to capture the SQL batches being executed against the database at a time when these errors are occurring.

Without knowing exactly how the command is being sent to SQL Server (e.g. a stored proc, in-line SQL in the app, using an ORM or some other "middle-ware", dynamic SQL, etc) it's difficult to give an answer.

Cheers, Dave

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