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I've been working on a Heroku app for several months. We've recently set up a staging server and occasionally sync the staging db with the production db. The three main commands in use are:

$ heroku pgbackups:capture --app myapp

$ heroku pg:reset DATABASE --app myapp-staging --confirm myapp-staging"

$ heroku pgbackups:restore DATABASE `heroku pgbackups:url --app myapp` --app myapp-staging

The problem is that after running the third command, I need to run heroku run rake db:migrate --app myapp-staging. We have a few dozen migrations now, including some that refer to Ruby classes that we've deleted or renamed.

This causes the migrations to fail to fully run. What's the solution here? Should I delete the old migrations that fail and commit these changes to the git repo?

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Why do you need to run migrations - the code and the data should be the same once you've done this. –  Neil Middleton Mar 16 '12 at 14:22
@NeilMiddleton I updated my question--I believe the pg:reset command is what resets the schema. We're trying to streamline this process into a rake task that our designers can run. The second command is necessary because we're not assuming that all migrations are pushed to staging and production and run simultaneously--it's possible that we might test out migrations on staging, or someone might push to production without pushing to staging first. –  Eric Hu Mar 16 '12 at 20:02

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Re-running this script fixed the error, so it seems like the schema should just copy over. For anyone seeing a failing migration like I did, the pgbackups:restore command probably failed for you, so re-run that.

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I should add that I tried re-running the script before posting this question and there weren't any errors that caught my eye. –  Eric Hu Mar 20 '12 at 0:07

You can also checkout the transfer command now as part of pgbackups .. see this post

How do I transfer production database to staging on Heroku using pgbackups? Getting error

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