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public interface IFoo<TKey, FooEntity<TValue>> {
  // stuff

I get this error:
The type parameter FooEntity is hiding the type FooEntity

public class FooEntity<T> {

    private T foo;


how can i fix this?

I want to be able to implement IFoo Interface somewhere else.

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See this:

public interface IFoo<TKey, FooEntity<TValue>> {
  // stuff

You are defining an interface named IFoo. When defining a type, the things between < and > are type parameters. The actual types should be supplied when using this IFoo interface, not when you define IFoo.

Do you really mean this:

public interface IFoo<TKey, TValue> {
    void doSomething(TKey key, FooEntity<TValue> value);


public class MyFoo implements IFoo<String, Integer> {
    public void doSomething(String key, FooEntity<Integer> value) {
        // TODO: ....
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Give this a try...

class FooEntity<K> {  } 

interface IFoo<K,V> {  } 

class IFooImplElseWere<K,V> implements IFoo<K,V> {  }

IFoo<String, FooEntity<String>> ifi = new IFooImplElseWere<String,FooEntity<String>>();
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