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My program asks the user for a year like 2056. So in main, I use scanf.

However, I have a function which requires the first 2 digits of this value only.

I've tried using another scanf inside the function itself scanf("%2d"...) but then I can't have the other scanf in main for my other functions.

So how can I do this?

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What didn't work with your scanf ? – cnicutar Mar 16 '12 at 6:06
Because it requires the input to be submitted twice. – Sam Mar 16 '12 at 6:18
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int year = 2056;
int firstPart = year / 100;
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I had a very similar question -

In your case, if it is always a 4-digit number and you always need the first 2-digits, then as others suggested X/100 would be the best thing to do.

But if you need n/2-digits from an n-digit integer, say X, then you may have to use the following:

first n/2 digit (for even value of n) = X / 10^(n/2)  
first n/2 digit (for odd value of n)  = X / 10^((n+1)/2) 

last n/2 digit (for even value of n) = X - [first n/2 digit * pow(10, n/2)] 
last n/2 digit (for odd value of n)  = X - [first n/2 digit * pow(10, (n+1)/2)]

The following may be an overkill, but you may be looking for something like this!

int getn(int num)
        return (int) log10(num) + 1;

void gethalfs(int num, int * first, int * last)
        int n, po;

        if (num == 0) return;

        n = getn(num);
        /* Here you can calculate the value of po based on whether n is even or odd */
        po = (int) pow(10, n/2);

        *first = num / po;
        *last  = num - *first * po;


In order to get the number of digits in a given integer i.e. n in the above case, you may look at the following possible methods - count number of digits - which method is most efficient?

Hope this helps!

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How about just divide the year number by 100?

int year, first_two_digits;
first_two_digits = year / 100;

I wonder how your program should behave after year 10000.

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In this case, I would just read the year and extract the first two digits:

int year;
scanf("%4d", &year); // assuming a four digit year
int first_two_digits = year / 100;
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using separate variable to get the first two digits that is first2digits=year/100;

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