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I have a server (Debian) with running git-daemon --enable=receive-pack --verbose --reuseaddr --detach --base-path=/mnt/source and git installed on Windows XP.

When I try to use the command push -v origin master on Windows it says pushing to git:// and stays there. Although, cloned successfully.

In server logs I see:

Mar 16 10:46:36 Server-Debian git-daemon[1424]: Ready to rumble
Mar 16 10:50:50 Server-Debian git-daemon[5289]: Connection from
Mar 16 10:50:50 Server-Debian git-daemon[5289]: Extended attributes (20 bytes) exist <host=>
Mar 16 10:50:50 Server-Debian git-daemon[5289]: Request receive-pack for '/my_progject.git'

and nothing more.

On linux I don't have the same problems - clone and push are both successful.

ps. Sorry for my awful English


  1. I run git-gui
  2. Try to push from it. Push fails
  3. Kill processe git.exe
  4. Try to push again. Push may be successful.

What could cause this strange behavior?

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just go for a refined search..the same question was answered some days back..don't remember :( –  Bijendra Mar 16 '12 at 6:35

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It's a bug, http://code.google.com/p/msysgit/issues/detail?id=457 We have a workaround, please see the bottom of this article:

Pete said we should use ssh or Samba, I just test it with Samba, pushurl with Samba works fine for me now.

At the server, after pushed, you should use "git reset --hard" to see the new commit.

But if you just want simple pure server, you should use "git --bare init" to init the repo at the server.

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