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From the following URL in OathCallBack page I want extract access_token and token_type using Java. Any idea how to do it?

I tried the following, but unable to extract required information.

    String scheme = req.getScheme();             // http
    String serverName = req.getServerName();     //
    int serverPort = req.getServerPort();        // 80
    String contextPath = req.getContextPath();   
    String servletPath = req.getServletPath();   
    String pathInfo = req.getPathInfo();         // return null and exception
    String queryString = req.getQueryString();    // return null


<----------------------------------------------------------> I am going to edit my question

Thank you every one for nice reply,

google did it,

you can refer to that link by URL

inside above URL page there is following link‌​ state=%2Fprofile& response_type=token&

when you click on above link, then you will get your gmail login account access_token, and that token is after # sign

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in URL at the place of "?" is "#" therefore query string IS not extracting, it will be extracted if I able to read/get whole URL in a string, how to read complete URL including everything e.g., access_token – Khan Mar 16 '12 at 6:17
Have you tried req.getRequestURL() – Sandeep Nair Mar 16 '12 at 6:45
req.getRequestURL() retrieve only and nothing other it, but I am interested in other arguments e.g., access_token etc – Khan Mar 16 '12 at 7:41
I edited original question please refer to it – Khan Mar 16 '12 at 8:32

Some characters cannot be part of a URL (for example, the space) and some other characters have a special meaning in a URL: for example, the character # can be used to further specify a subsection (or fragment) of a document; the character = is used to separate a name from a value.

see for more:

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I edited original question please refer to it – Khan Mar 16 '12 at 8:33

It looks like the '#' should be a '?'.

In a normal URL, the parameters are passed as key value pairs following a '?' and multiple parameters chained together using '&'. A URL might look as follows:

http: //

Normally the Java servlet container would return everything after the '?' when calling getQueryString() but due to the absence of the '?' it returns null.

As @Sandeep Nair has suggested getRequestURL() should return this full URL to you and you could parse it using regular expressions to get the information you want. A possible regular expression to use would be along the lines of:


However, getRequestURL() does NOT normally return the query string, so using this method is relying on the fact that there is a '#' rather and a '?' and is therefore probably not a great solution. See here.

I would advise that you find out why you are getting a '#' instead of a '?' and try to get this changed, if you can do this then the servlet container should manage the URL parameters for you and call to request.getAttribute("access_token") and request.getAttribute("token_type") (see here) will return both values as strings.

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You get query string by calling String queryString = req.getQueryString();

It correctly returns null in your case, as there is no query string. The characters after "#" are anchor specification, which is only visible to the browser and not sent to server.

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